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We have always personally wanted to shop for products by being able to compare them side by side. 

Side by side comparison


of features, ratings and other related info seems like a logocal way to improve ones shopping experience. when it comes to purchasing items in general these days. We also think we are not alone and are aware that the savvy consumer also wants the same kind of information to make an informed purchase.

That where we saw a chance to create our GPS Comparison Chart here and add to your purchasing experience by saving you time in locating that information, processing the info and taking action with a purchase (hopefully). then, if the action taken is to buy, order and ship the item using this websites resources, then that's great. But even if the consumer leaves our site with a little bit more knowledge about the products they are seeking, and do not make the purchase through us, we, frankly, we are OK with that because it is just as rewarding for us as well.

Why you ask? Well in the end we know that if we have genuinely added some kind of value during your day, then we know that you will return someday and that is a good thing. It is for those very reasons that we have created this website!

              Car GPS Comparison Chart HERE.

    Handheld GPS Comparison Chart HERE.

OK, we will repeat ourselves a bunch here, and that is that our sole charter is to save shoppers time and money when it comes to

buying products online

We think we have organized our website here and in other places that add value. In the case of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, we know that there are many features, and more features and attributes that can become too time consuming unless you have an easy to read gps comparison chart. That's where we think we can really add value to the buying experience. Certainly in the case of GPS Units, we have created a comparison chart that showcases items that are sold thru several sellers that are serviced by

So when you go to the link above you will be directed their for individual information related the the specific GPS you inquire about. By selecting a link in any of the GPS Units in our 

gps comparison


page you will be redirected to them. They have world class, secure online ordering with thousands of references to products like Car GPS Units. By the way, feel free to contact us anytime with questions, input and feedback at  We love to get your feedback! So ff your stay with us has ony been a brief one, then thank you for visiting us and come back soon. Webmaster.